Why Choose Us

Add a Community

Talk to your customers everyday. Feel the pulse. Act on the feedback. 

Add a marketplace

Add more buzz to your community by allowing customers to exchange goods and services

Build a brand

Enhance the customer experience with a community. 

Increase sales

Modify your products based on feedback. Increase awareness for your new products.

Customer Support

Members help each other and reduce need for customer support

Educate your customers

Tell them what is on your platform, how it works etc 

Add a community PLUS marketplace


  • Add a Community for better engagement
  • Community
  • You engage with customers. Customers talk to each other.
  • Engage, Listen and act on Feedback
  • Plan A
  • Add a marketplace to an existing community
  • Marketplace
  • Customers Exchange Goods and Services increasing the buzz
  • Pay with Credit Cards, Paypal or Bitcoin
  • Plan B
  • Add both a community and a marketplace
  • Community+Marketplace
  • Create more buzz in the community with a marketplace
  • Engage, Listen, Act on Feedback+Transact
  • Plan C
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