Ask us about a peer to peer, hyperlocal, social marketplace for your community. Avoid the pain of building it yourself and enjoy the rewards of a high end marketplace which supports stripe, paypal etc for peer to peer transactions

We take care of your end to end needs from placing a request, to accepting offers and payment, reviewing the transaction...example Break The Fence to exchange goods and build a phenomenal community.

Why Choose Us

Share reviews

Connect on pinterest, facebook and googleplus


Start small and find out if there is a local market

Build your brand

Offer services, get reviews, become famous


Add specials that can we ordered rightaway


Make your marketplace location aware

Demand based 

Place a request, get offers, accept one, review

Add a community PLUS marketplace at your workplace


Plan A
  • Community
  • Engage, Connect
  • Ask
Plan B
  • Marketplace
  • Create a transaction based marketplace
  • Create Now!
Plan C
  • Commmunity+Marketplace
  • Engage and share resources
  • Create Now!
  • Send us

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