Ask about a peer to peer transaction-based, demand-based, hyperlocal marketplace that can run by itself or attach to an existing community. Wanteet will power your marketplace. 

We take care of your end to end needs from requesting, to accepting offers, paying, reviewing the transaction etc. to exchange goods or services. Check out Codoods

Why Choose Us

Share reviews

Share on pinterest, facebook and googleplus and build a brand


Grow your business through promotions and advertisements

Location Aware

Enable hyperlocal for your market if you want to be location aware


Add upcoming specials that can be ordered rightaway

Marketing automation

Use built in tools to send newsletters, build landing pages, find and convert prospects to customers

Demand based

Place a request, get bids, accept one, pay, review

Add a community PLUS marketplace at your workplace


Plan A
  • Community
  • Engage, Connect
  • Ask
Plan B
Plan C
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